Day 3 – check, stir.

Okay, so I opened the primary fermentation bucket today and the top of the cider was bubbly. I stirred the cider and replaced the lid. A couple of hours later, the airlock was passing bubbles at about the rate of once per minute. Seems to have picked up the pace to about every 30 seconds now (5pm). Still worrying about what I’m going to do in a few days to figure out if I’m down to the next S.G. benchmark.

Update: I did a airlock check at about 11pm and I’m getting a bubble about every 8-10 seconds.

I think I’m going to go get a tester beaker for the hydrometer and look at carboys tomorrow. I’m thinking of getting a couple of carboys and airlocks, so I can start another batch when I empty the primary fermentation bucket of this batch. I got out the siphon and put it together with the bottle filler to get a feel for it. Used a 1/2 gallon growler and a beer bottle to practice. Pretty straightforward…no problem. Racking to the 2nd stage, I just need to be careful not to get any sediment. If the final stage is nice and clear, bottling should be pretty easy. Maybe get some labels for the bottles while I’m at the brew shop. Maybe discuss malt extract as a primer vs. the pre-measured tablets…possibly for the second batch. I would try beer for the second batch, but I already have enough crabapples picked to do another round. I’ll get around to beer eventually.


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