Day 9 Decided to Rack Batch #1 Again

I decided that the 1 gallon carboy looked settled enough that I wanted to rack it again. The SG is at 0.99 now with temperature in the house at 70 degrees. So, the actual SG, with the hydrometer calibrated to 60 degrees is 0.991.

Racking to new carboy for longer term clarification and aging.

Racking to new carboy for longer term clarification and aging.

Of course, I sanitized all of my equipment! Racking went pretty smoothly. The growler was a little trickier, because it is brown and hard to see through. I left a reasonable amount of liquid in the first carboy and added some cider from the growler to finish it and popped on the airlock.




Ready for aging…bottle will require more careful racking. Went into the sediment a little.

I decided to put the rest of the contents of the growler into a single flip-top bottle. Didn’t come close to filling it, though, so I added more from the first carboy and went into the sediment a bit. The bottle will need to settle more and be carefully siphoned again in the future. Cleaned and sanitized all of the equipment again.

Now, for another experiment! I saved some of the sediment from the carboy…about a cup, including some liquid. I measured 2 cups of bread flour and a tablespoon of sugar into a mixing bowl.

Yeasty sediment from batch #1 carboy, flour and sugar.

Yeasty sediment from batch #1 carboy, flour and sugar.

I put a pinch of the sugar directly into the sediment and stirred the rest of the sugar into the flour to distribute it evenly. Next, I poured the liquid into the flour and it made a dry dough. I decided to add a second cup of water and stir it to wet all the ingredients, but without bothering to work out all the lumps.

Starting a cider sourdough starter...I hope!

Starting a cider sourdough starter…I hope!

Covered the bowl and set it aside. I’ll let that age for a day or two and see if it makes a decent loaf of bread! (Update 7:30 pm: added another cup of water to the yeast mixture and a tablespoon of malt extract and mixed them in to loosen the mixture. Still has big lumps, but more liquid now. Will probably strain tomorrow.)

Batch number two continues in the primary fermentation bucket with the airlock bubbling about every 3 to 4 seconds. No further issues with the airlock.


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