Day 20 Fairly Uneventful Day for Brewing

Not much to report today for brewing. Crabapple cider batch #3 is still perking away. The intervals on airlock bubbles has slowed slightly, down from every 4 seconds back to every 7 seconds.

Yesterday, I re-bottled my green test bottles from #1 & #3 ciders. I added 1 CarTab back to each to replenish any lost carbonation. In the #2 bottle, I saw more floaters after awhile…maybe from the CarTabs? Maybe I’ll try a different primer next time. Anyway, I strained and bottled it again. I decided that, since the level was now at the bottom of the bottle’s neck, that I would refrigerate it and drink it today to evaluate it. While it looked good in the bottle and the alcohol and flavor are pretty good, it was completely flat.

Awww...it's flat!

Awww…it’s flat!

So, here’s where I go a little crazy and defy all brewers’ advice and added some warm tap water to the bottle to bring the volume back halfway up the neck…maybe slightly higher. I probably added about an ounce. I tossed in 4 more CarTabs and popped on a new cap and put the bottle back on the counter. This is definitely going to be experimental, but it won’t hurt me and what’s the worst case? I pour it down the drain.

No response from @JohnCleese on the Fawlty Brown Ale tweets…yet!

Cider batch #3: Stirred the contents of the PFB and checked SG. The hydrometer reading was 1.020 at 71 degrees room temperature.  That’s 1.021 adjusted for 60 degree hydrometer calibration. Beginning SG was 1.053, so current ABV is about 4.2%. The aroma is very much a fresh, sweet apple scent and a sample sip definitely had a mild alcohol content. If I can get this batch down to 0.990 SG, then the ABV would be over 8%. Maybe I’ll investigate backsweetening this batch…not too much, but make it a little sweeter to offset any harshness from the alcohol content. Time to research some more.


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