Day 21 Cider Batch #3 On Track, Test Beer in Fridge

Cider batch #3 has been bubbling today at 13 second intervals. So, it has slowed slightly, but still on track. Meanwhile, my test bottle of the Fawlty Brown Ale (flip-top) has been in the bottle for 10 days, so I stuck it in the refrigerator this morning. There may be some stuff floating at the top…nothing major, but I’ll tip out the first half ounce and the carefully pour into a glass. I was hoping to try it tonight, but it just got too late and I wanted my wife to be there for the first opening and she’s coming back late from a business trip, so I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow! By the way, Facebook friends have given a thumbs up to the label. Still no comment from John Cleese.


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