Day 31 Cracking 2nd Early Bottle of Cider Batch #2

Tonight, I decided to pop open the 2nd bottle of the early bottles of cider batch #2…the rest of which would eventually be bottled as “TARDIS Cider…Bigger on the Inside”.

Early Bottle #2, Cider Batch #2

Early Bottle #2, Cider Batch #2

Sample pour.

Sample pour.

Since no one else showed an interest, it was all me.

The color was pale, like white wine, the bubbles were fine and the taste was dry, but not crisp. The carbonation was a little under where I would have liked it.

I have heard the experienced cider makers write about adding sweetener, after opening a bottle. I thought that sounded kind of silly; however, as it turns out, it worked really well. Imagine that…I was wrong about something. Don’t tell my wife! Anyway, I added a little Truvia, the flavor perked up, and it was much more palatable to me. I still needed more carbonation, but better.



Added someTruvia to make it a little more drinkable.

Added someTruvia to make it a little more drinkable.

It will be interesting to see how TARDIS Cider carbs over time. I have a feeling that the lack of sweetness will still be an issue, either way. So, that should bring us up to date until Thanksgiving, the day after tomorrow.


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