Day 33 Thanksgiving! Another Fawlty Brown Ale and Too Much Food!


Sometime afternoon: I cracked open another Fawlty Brown Ale and relaxed before the cooking chores to come. This one was slightly better than the one last night, as far as carbonation, if that’s possible, but it seemed to dissipate by the last couple of swallows.  My Mother In-Law tasted it and gave it a thumbs up. Maybe a few more will be opened this evening. IMAG1929

Whatever is left will go home…I’m thinking of leaving a few in the refrigerator and a few out at room temp, to see if they improve with a bit more time. Much cooking ensued next. IMAG1930A turkey was cooked, a broccoli casserole was prepared, plain broccoli was prepped, giblets were turned into stock and a roux was created for gravy. Whew! Soon, it will be time to carve the 18 lb bird and make the gravy. Then, we must eat, drink and be merry! Happy Thanksgiving!


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