Day 39 Stout Airlock Very Slow

3:00 pm   The dry stout fermentation bucket has slowed to very infrequent bubbles. I sanitized the hydrometer & thief and the outside of the bucket; then I checked the SG. It was 1.012 @ 69F. Adjusting for calibration makes it 1.013. The recipe estimated 1.011 and measured 1.010. I think I’ll let it go until tomorrow. Then I’ll rack to carboys for a few hours to settle additional sediment and then back to a bottling bucket for bottling  tomorrow night or Monday.

I did get (literally) just a few drops from the thief to taste. There was definitely an appropriate bitterness and beer flavor. The color was very dark. I’m encouraged, but can’t really make a judgement call on a few drops.


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