Day 45 Sweet Things Take Time

A brief entry today. I just checked in on the Big Dark Stout and the Pineapple Tinker, both in primary fermentation. Both were pitched with Safale s-04 yeast and both are currently sending a bubble up the airlocks at about 15 second intervals. Other batches I have run through primary fermentation have taken about 5 to 6 days to get to the point that they were ready to rack to secondary. This stout and melomel are both higher alcohol products that started out very sweet and I think the s-04 yeast has a pretty high alcohol tolerance. So, primary may take awhile for both…maybe a couple of weeks? From what I have just read, s-04 can handle between 8% and 10% ABV. I’ve seem others write about possibly pitching a second yeast with a higher tolerance and fermenting out some more sugar into alcohol before bottling and to insure that there is live yeast to work with the priming. I’m not sure about this yet…maybe. I might let the stout be done with the s-04 and try another yeast on the melomel. I don’t know.

It has been interesting to watch the Pineapple Tinker fermenting in the glass carboy. The fruit layer at the top kind of gets aerated as the CO2 is released. It gets “poofed up” a little and the fruit is pushed up out of the liquid a bit. Every now and then, I give it a swirl…just enough to knock it down. I don’t know if the swirly is necessary…could be the worst thing I could possibly do; but that’s what I’m doing.

Pineapple Tinker, just after a swirly.

Pineapple Tinker, just after a swirly.


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