Day 49 Racking Pineapple Tinker

Man, if I knew this was as good as this experiment was going to get, it would be going down the drain! I racked the gallon carboy of pineapple melomel a.k.a. Pineapple Tinker into a half gallon carboy, plus a 22 oz and a 12 oz bottle.

Squeezed a little more out of the gallon carboy than I expected!

Squeezed a little more out of the gallon carboy than I expected!

I think the fruit was pretty much fermented out. I used a drawstring mesh bag (sanitized) to cover the racking tube and left the fruit bits behind. I got a sample into a glass to taste and it was pretty nasty. Old pineapple and a bluntness from the vanilla bean. I am only encouraged by the reading that I have done where people state basically the same thing about their fruit meads…nasty up front…but then a year or more later, it’s amazing! I hope I’ll be be saying the same about mine next Christmas!!!

The SG is currently 1.016 @ 73F. (Wow…need to turn on the A/C in December!)  Ajustment to 1.017 for hydrometer calibration. This might drop some more in secondary. There’s still some fine sediment that got through the bag and the airlock was still going off…I didn’t check the intervals before I racked it, but it was not entirely done. Currently, with an OG of 1.111 and today’s SG of 1.017, the ABV would be 12.34%. The projected FG was 1.02 something, and we’re already below that, so it may not drop anymore. I’m shooting for clarity now more than anything. Then, a looooooong time in the bottle.

8:45 pm   In the 1/2 gallon clear carboy I can see what’s going on…and there is foam at the  top and I can see small bubbles streaming to the top. The airlocks are active, but not frequent. Small, fine lees are settling. I’m thinking that this will be pretty clear in a week…between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. At that point, I may rack again to avoid the fine lees in the final product. Depending on how that goes, I may bottle right away or wait a couple of days.


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