Day 56 Racking Pineapple Tinker Again

Racked the Pineapple Tinker again and got it down to one half gallon carboy and one 22 oz bottle. Eliminated the 12 oz bottle in the process. The small amount I tasted was less nasty than last time, but still not pleasing. This racking, I may just let it go awhile. Once bottled, I will definitely age it at least a year, I would think.

Racked Pineapple Tinker

Racked Pineapple Tinker

The Belgian Dark Strong continues in PFB. The bubbles have noticeably slowed to about 20 second intervals, but it is still chugging away!

I’m hoping to get my second batch of nut brown ale done this weekend. I have Irish Moss and Gypsum with this recipe, on the advice of an experienced brewer. Interesting. I know the Irish Moss is a clearing additive. The Gypsum affects the water composition. I’m not sure if it’s beneficial, with my local city water. I haven’t seen a water report and I don’t know enough about what I would be reading yet to be able to properly tailor additives. Need to research further.


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