Day 57 Murray’s Cider Quick & Easy

The Belgian Dark Strong continues to slow…may be bottling by Sunday. Pineapple Tinker is sitting and clearing…just going to let it go for awhile. The main event today is a Murray’s Cider Quick and Easy (Hopefully!).  Here’s how it goes: Buy 1/2 gallon carboy of Murray’s Cider at Harris Teeter for $5.99. Sanitize thief, hydrometer, airlock, and around the bottle cap. Open the bottle, check the OG with thief and hydrometer, pitch (pour in) Safale s-04 yeast and install airlock. Boom! Done!

Sanitize everything! I used a no-rinse solution.

Sanitize everything! I used a no-rinse solution.

Let’s hope this “Q&E Cider” goes as planned. If so, it is the easiest ferment EVER! Murray’s Cider comes in a 1/2 gallon, clear carboy and the cider is pasteurized, but contains no preservatives. So, no Campden tablets…no sulfites! I had a partial envelope of Safale s-04 yeast vacuum sealed  in the refrigerator. I didn’t measure it, but I seem to recall that this was about 1/4 envelope. It should be plenty for a half gallon of cider.

It's just that easy...I hope!

It’s just that easy…I hope!

The OG was 1.050 at 70F room temperature. Adjusting for hydrometer calibration would make it 1.051. I don’t know if I’m going to try and carb this one or not. I may just go as simple as possible for this first one, for the sake of seeing just how simple it can be. If the SG gets down to 1.010, then the ABV would be 5.38% and should be nice and clear, because the only thing added is a small amount of yeast to an already clear, golden cider.

Okay…wee hours and I should be sleeping. Hey, it’s Friday night and I caught a little nap after dinner! I opened a chilled 22 oz bottle of my Crabapple/Fuji Blend Cider and it is VERY drinkable.

Crabapple-Fuji Blend Cider...very drinkable!

Crabapple-Fuji Blend Cider…very drinkable!

As I have written before, I had hoped for more sparkle, but everything else about this cider is just what I wanted…the right color, the right level of sweetness. I can’t remember the ABV %, but I could look it up in my notes. Whatever it is, it’s not burning or harsh and otherwise isn’t important…but it’s in there. The slight carb doesn’t really present itself in the pour or the glass, but you can just sense it in the mouth. A small tweak next year could make this awesome, but it is very good as is!


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