Day 59 Racking Pineapple Tinker Again


Time to rack the pineapple experiment again. It’s not crystal clear, but it’s getting there. Left the sediment behind and, after a little spillage from the siphon hose, I managed to refill the half gallon carboy and reduce the 22 oz bottle to a 12 oz. The SG is down to 1.000 and the flavor, amazingly, is almost like cider at this point. It is no longer off-putting at all. I had the OG as 1.111, so the ABV should be 14.57%…wow!!! I didn’t taste the alcohol that much…either I got that wrong or this stuff could be dangerous! Now, it needs a little more clarity and age.

Pineapple Tinker

Pineapple Tinker

I’m wondering if I should try oak or some other adjunct at this point? I’ll think it and seek advice.

Hopefully, I’ll be brewing some Nut Brown Ale this weekend as well! Maybe a trip to the brew shop to get supplies for wiesse beer and discuss adjuncts for Pineapple Tinker.


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