Day 61 Nut Brown Ale Chugging in Primary

The nut brown ale is going to town! The blow off is working great. I don’t see anything in the tube, so I may not have needed it; however, the bubbling is less than a second apart…so, didn’t hurt. This is my first experience with Nottingham dry yeast…seems to be effective!

On the cider and melomel fronts…nothing much to report.  Added oak last night to the Pineapple Tinker. Shouldn’t have to do anything there again for a few days. The Murray’s cider is still bubbling at about a minute intervals. It’s not strong action and never has been, but keeps going. I should have rehydrated the yeast, I guess. Some is clinging in the neck of the carboy. I think I used plenty of yeast and the OG was 1.050, so I don’t think adding sugar or other fermentables would have boosted anything but the alcohol, in the long run. Again, I was going for a simple as possible to see how easy it could possibly be. Rehydrating the yeast would still be simple, but I don’t know if that would speed the process up overall…other than the initial start of the fermentation. Anyway I’m going to just let it go a few more days. I want to get it off the lees, but I don’t want to jump the gun either.

I didn’t get the wiesse beer brewed today. Brewing two days in a row?  That’s just crazy! Maybe tomorrow…just had a nagging headache today. Got some other things done off the “to do” list, though. I should be able to brew within the next couple of days.


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