Day 63 Final Racking for Murray’s and Pineapple Tinker

Racking between carboys

Racking between carboys

I decided to go ahead and rack the Murray’s Super Easy Cider off of the lees and rack the Pineapple Tinker off of the untoasted American Oak chips.

The Murray’s is fairly clear, but with a fair amount of lees. I’m going to let that settle for a couple of days and it should be ready to bottle. The SG on it is currently 1.014. I’m just a few ounces short of a half gallon.

Murray's Super Easy Cider

Murray’s Super Easy Cider

The Pineapple Tinker is pretty clear, also. I am basically just removing the oak and, like the apple cider, just needs a couple of days to settle and then I’ll bottle it, too. I have a full half gallon plus about another 6 oz. I don’t like leaving too much air space in a bottle, but it is just for a couple of days. The SG on the Pineapple Tinker is 1.000 and it tastes very light and has no alcoholic burn at all. After the first racking, I never would have thought this stuff would ever be palatable, if I had not heard others express the same experience with theirs!

Pineapple Tinker

Pineapple Tinker


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