Day 66 Changing Buckets on Hefeweisse

The Hefeweisse batch was in the fermenter about 5 pm last night. It is now almost noon and I have just completed moving the wort from one fermentation bucket to another. I was seeing no active fermentation after 18 hours. I can see a couple of scenarios. My bottling bucket that I am using for fermentation wasn’t airtight for some reason…blow-off, spigot, lid seal? Or the temperature of the wort was too high yesterday and killed my yeast. It was a bit high, but I couldn’t really get it any lower, unless I dumped beer and replaced it with ice. It was only about 5 degrees above recommendation. Anyway, I cleaned and sanitized a different bottling bucket and spigot and swapped the blow-off for a plain 3-piece airlock. I’ll give it another day and, if it doesn’t show signs of life, I’ll head to the brew shop for advice and probably fresh yeast. I seriously hope I don’t have to start over!

Update: 3:30 a.m.   One of those “woke up in the middle of the night for no good reason” moments. So, I’m up…lets do a beer check! Happy news…the hefewiesse is chugging away in the airlock! It was slow to start and had me scared, but appears to be on track now. Whew! Now…can I get back to sleep?


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