Day 71 American Wheat Fermenting, Hefe sample

First of all, let me say that have long enjoyed German beers. Ever since I spent six weeks there in the summer of 1983 and two weeks for my honeymoon in 1985. Last night, I drank a  German Hefe Weissbier to get my palate prepared for these wheat beers that I’m brewing. And I did not like it. I have heard others describe wheat beers as having aromas and flavors with a lot of clove and banana. I got the clove…big time. LOTS of clove. It was just overpowering! Banana? Maybe…if you could completely remove the sugar from a banana and still describe it as “banana”. And this beer was Weihenstephaner, from “The World’s Oldest Brewery”. All I can say is that I hope neither of my brews turn out like this! I did not get this flavor from my worts. I hope it doesn’t develope.

World's oldest brewery makes some nasty hefe weissbier! (In my opinion, of course.)

World’s oldest brewery makes some nasty hefe weissbier! (In my opinion, of course.)

As for the beer that I have in fermentation, that I brewed yesterday, it is showing signs of life today! The airlock has a regular heartbeat…I wouldn’t say it’s rigorously chugging, but it is good and regular.

Also, it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I have chilled some beer and cider to take to my in-law’s house, where I will be watching Seattle beat Denver…hopefully! Not that I really care, but Seattle has a few former NC State University players on the team. Nothing against the Broncos…as usual, it’s more about the commercials than anything else. And some food and beer!

Update: Seattle Seahawks beat the SNOT out of Denver. The commercials were a little lackluster this year. Luckily, the food was good and the beer was…mine! And delicious. I almost feel asleep just before the end of the first half! Got my second wind for the halftime show and the rest of the game. I’m having one last stout as I finish this entry and then head off  to bed. Congratulations Seahawks!

Past when I should be up, but I got an urge to sample the Great Weisse Shark Hefe Weizen. Earlier, I stuck a sample bottle in the fridge. From the bottle, it looks clear. There’s a pretty substantial amount of sediment in the sample’s bottom, though, so it will need to be poured carefully, if this holds true for the whole batch. It will hopefully develop a little more head and carb, but it is quite good already.

Nice color!

Nice color!

Great Weisse Shark Hefe Weizen

Great Weisse Shark Hefe Weizen

The color is really quite beautiful. The flavor…this is so confounding! I taste the same kind of clove in this beer as I did the Weihenstephaner, but it isn’t offensive here at all. What the…? And I get the banana. It’s really hard to describe, but it’s really good! I hope my friend that I brewed it for likes it…I’m not sure if this is quite what he is used to in a wheat beer, but we will find out, one day soon! If he isn’t loving this one, I’ll bring it home and trade him the American wheat. Heck, by the time I arrange to take it to him, the American may be ready, too. I might just take both, just in case. And, if he likes them both, he can have half of each!

This is just another shot, lit up with flash for another perspective on the color.

This is just another shot, lit up with flash for another perspective on the color.


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