Day 76 Brew Day! Strawberry Blonde @ Raleigh Big Brew!

Third saturday of the month at Raleigh Brewing Co. means Raleigh Big Brew day! Gathered my equipment and headed to the brewery.

Raleigh Big Brew Time!

Raleigh Big Brew Time!

I decided to use “Denny’s Favorite #50” yeast, on the  suggestion of a brew friend, as it is supposed to work well with fruit beers. It came in a “smack pack”…very handy! This was the first time I used one of those. I’m brewing a blonde ale and adding strawberries. My biggest mistake today was using too much water for my boil and not allowing room for the strawberries…6 lbs of whole, frozen strawberries.

Boiling the wort

Boiling the wort

I wound up drawing off 2 gallons and holding it until the last 5 minutes of my brew’s boil. I added it back in and boiled the next 5 minutes to sanitize and then I drew it back off to finish processing at home with Safale S-04 yeast that I have on hand. (Luckily, I had a bucket in the car and didn’t have to buy one!) The rest of the batch, I added some cold water to and got the temperature down to 170F. At this point I added the strawberries. Next, used the wort chiller at the brewery to bring the temperature down to 75F and pitched the yeast.  Then, I poured the wort into a bottling bucket that I’m using for primary fermentation.

6lbs of whole, frozen strawberries added to wort at 170F.

6lbs of whole, frozen strawberries added to wort at 170F.

Again…too much volume…couldn’t close the bottling bucket without fouling the airlock. So, I drained off enough to create some headspace and sealed back up and added a cleaned airlock. I forgot to check the OG, but I measured it at 1.034 @ 75F, once I got home. This is well below the recipe’s estimated 1.053 or the measured 1.046. I have messaged a friend to ask advice…I’m assuming I diluted my wort too much and wonder if I should add more sugar? The flavor and color seem okay, so I don’t think the beer will lack flavor…but it may be too weak on the alcohol. If the fermentation yields the expected FG of 1.010, the the ABV would be around 3.28%.

Once at home, I finished chilling the smaller fermentation bucket with the plain blonde ale and pitched the Safale S-04. I also set up a blow off on the main strawberry batch, since the volume is still rather high.

About 5 or 6 gallons of Strawberry Blonde and a little under 2 gallons of plain blonde ale.

About 5 or 6 gallons of Strawberry Blonde and a little under 2 gallons of plain blonde ale.

Note to self: it was a good idea to take my big bin of supplies. I was lucky to have the smaller fermentation bucket. For future brews, a stick lighter and a pair of hot pads or mitts would be good to have. A card table and a chair would be great to have!


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