Day 80 Using a Refractometer vs. Hydrometer

I was given a refractometer for my birthday and used it to get an SG reading on my strawberry blonde. The reading was 1.024. I was convinced that my fermentation was stuck. After sending out a couple of forum posts. I was informed that the presence of alcohol affects the refractometer reading. There are also further steps to figuring out the refractometer’s accuracy that involve testing a bunch of different unfermented wort samples. I’ll have to study this some more and figure it out. For now, I took a sample of the strawberry blonde and checked it with a hydrometer. I came up with 1.011, after adjusting for temperature (1.010 @69F). That’s exactly in line with what the recipe estimates for the FG. So, I guess it will be ok to rack to secondary and begin clearing it for bottling.


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