Day 109 Racking IPA to Bottling Bucket



Since racking off of the trub and dry hops in primary fermentation, the IPA settled and had a fairly thin layer of sediment left on the bottom. In addition, there were some little bits of what I am assuming were hops that somehow made it through. They were floating just below the surface and they did not look like they were going to precipitate out.

Floating bits that I had to filter out.

Floating bits that I had to filter out.

So, I decided to rack to my bottling bucket, filtering through the bag I use for BIAB.

Using (sanitized) BIAB bag to filter.

Using (sanitized) BIAB bag to filter.

That seemed to work well. I now have just under 4 gallons of beer. I’m going to give it the day to settle again and will hopefully get it bottled tonight. If not, then tomorrow.

I did get a small taste from the siphon when I was done. The flavor is bitter, but it is supposed to be…and I’m thinking the flavor is improving.

trubby sample...waiting for it to settle.

trubby sample…waiting for it to settle.

I pulled some additional beer from the bottom of the carboy and put it in a testing tube in the fridge to chill and settle. Once it separates, I’ll pour off the good beer and clean the testing tube, return the beer to the tube and test for the FG.

Update: The sample settled a little more than what is shown in the picture, but after pouring off the good stuff, I was below what I needed for the hydrometer. I took just enough additional through the bottling bucket spigot to get a reading. I’m seeing an FG of 1.012; the OG was 1.058. That makes the  ABV 6.04%. The recipe estimate was 7%, but the actual for the recipe was 4.7%, so I’m in great shape, I think.


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