Day 118 Hydrometer Checks

Gettin' fizzy wit it!

Gettin’ fizzy wit it!

Tepache is fizzing nicely now. The hydrometer reading is 1.075…I didn’t check the OG, but first batch was 1.090; so, I’m guessing this was roughly the same. That would put the current alcohol level at about 2%. I’m going to give it another day  and then strain and add the beer (one 12 oz).

The American Wheat RyePA  is at 1.013 and the recipe states that estimated FG is 1.008 to 1.013. I’m going to check it again tomorrow and see if it’s time to rack onto the citrus zest and vodka. If this is where it stays, the ABV should come in at 4.46%; a nice Summery sessionable beer! I like what I’m smelling and tasting in this beer. The citrus zest will be a great addition!

Hydrometer sample...going into the fridge, for tasting.

RyePA Hydrometer sample…going into the fridge, for tasting.


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