Day 125 July 4th! Brew Day! Saison!

Supplies for brewing today.

Supplies for brewing today.

After some glitches in finding what I needed to brew today and an unexpected trip to Raleigh, I finally got a late start on brewing today. This is what I brewed: Hi Nelson Saison    By FuzzyMittens Recipe specifics: Style: Saison Batch size: 5.0 gal OG: 1.076 FG: 1.000 Bitterness (IBU): 35.5 Color (SRM): 5.1 ABV: 7.5% (my calculator puts this at 9.98%) Grain/Sugars: 11.00 lb Pilsner (Belgian), 78.6%   (Had to substitute German) 1.00 lb Munich 6L, (German), 7.1% 1.00 lb Cane Sugar, 7.1% @ 10 minutes 0.50 lb Flaked Wheat, 3.6% 0.50 lb Flaked Oats, 3.6% Hops: 1.00 oz Nelson Sauvin (AA 13.0%, Pellet) 60 min, 35.5 IBU 0.50 oz Nelson Sauvin (AA 13.0%, Pellet) 0 min, 0.0 IBU 1.50 oz Nelson Sauvin (AA 13.0%, Pellet) dry hop Recipe Notes: Use Belle Saison yeast. Add tea to secondary. Tea is made with half pound of flowers steeped in half gallon of hot water. Mash @ 148 and boiled for 60. The brew went well today. I brewed in the BIAB method. (Brew in a Bag).

(BIAB) Brew in a bag

(BIAB) Brew in a bag

I did have to make a grain substitution, but they are VERY close, so it shouldn’t be a problem. This brew really gets interesting later, when it gets dry hopped with 1-1/2 oz of Nelson Sauvin and in secondary fermentation along with a tea made with dried hibiscus flowers.

Dried Hibiscus F;owers

Dried Hibiscus F;owers

After chilling the wort, I used my new little oxygen tank set up to oxygenate the wort for about two minutes. That should give a healthy yeast action and get fermentation started faster. I wound up with about 6 gallons of wort, but, after the trub and racking, it will likely be back to around 5 gallons. OG is 1.068; a little lower than target of 1.076, but I believe others brewing this recipe were in the same range. If the experience of others holds true in fermentation, the FG would be around 1.004; rather than 1.000 and that would result in an 8.4% ABV. That’s plenty! Looks like the original recipe may have incorrect numbers. OG of 1.076 and FG of 1.000 would be 9.98% ABV, not the 7.5% listed. 10:00 pm No action in the blow off, so I put a heating pad under the bucket on the lowest setting. The original brewer of this recipe talks about ramping the temp up to 90F for the first week, I think. This Belle Saison yeast is supposed to take off fast, especially with the oxygen boost I gave it. Hmmm.

By the way, I put the tepache outside and it is starting to get a little action in the airlock tonight.


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