Day 127 Bottling Tepache #3 and Apple Ginger Bug Soda

I feel like the tepache has been going long enough. The FG is 1.035, but I didn’t take the OG. With the amount of piloncillo raw sugar, I assume 1.110, as I had in the first batch. That would make it around 9.84% ABV…I’m skeptical. The tiny sample I got from the bottom of the fermenter bucket didn’t have any alcohol heat at all. (But it was good!)

At this point, I’m not going through all the sanitizing steps  and bottling details in my journal; however, I AM still faithfully following procedures. If you happen to be reading my journal, welcome! If you need details on sanitary practices and bottling procedures, you can look through my early entries.

Based on past experience, I’m going back  to two days for carbing and then I’ll pasteurize at the same time as my apple ginger bug soda. The tepache yielded 10 bottles plus the last on, that I will use as a tester for carbonation, since it has a fair amount of sediment in it.  I marked the cap with an “X”.

For the apple ginger bug soda, I poured 48 oz of an all natural apple juice into a large measuring cup. Not that it really matters, but the Mott’s Natural SG is 1.05 (No sugar added, no preservatives) I strained and added 1/4 cup of the ginger bug starter and mixed them well. I divided that between four prepared 12 oz bottles and capped them. I then added 1/4 cup of water and 2 teaspoons of sugar back to the “bug” starter. The starter has been out of the refrigerator for a day. I’m going to leave it out overnight and then put it back in the fridge again. I marked the caps with “A”,  for apple. Late afternoon Thursday should be time to check my tepache tester and pasteurize the tepache and apple soda.

Note: 7 pm Wed.  Picked up one of the four Apple Ginger Bug Sodas and there’s a lot of stuff floating in it…I think it came with the “natural” apple juice. I decided to open one and pour it through a strainer into a glass.

Apple Ginger-Bug Soda. Cloudy, needs more carb, but tasty.

Apple Ginger-Bug Soda. Cloudy, needs more carb, but tasty.

It’s cloudy and, even through the strainer, it looks like stuff floating. But it has a nice little carb and a good flavor…for 1/4 cup added to 48 oz of juice, you can really taste the ginger. Interesting. It should easily handle another day to carb, though.


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