Day 136 Peach-Pineapple Tepache

Peach-Pineapple Tepache, ready to ferment.

Peach-Pineapple Tepache, ready to ferment.

I bought some fresh peaches on sale about a week ago and they have been tied in a plastic produce bag and sitting in a basket in the kitchen since then. I went shopping today and got a good price on a pineapple, so guess what? Peach-Pineapple Tepache! Oh yeah, I pretty much gave that away in the title, didn’t I? Oh well, anyway…one of my peaches had already started to rot. so I pulled the pit out and composted the rest. The other five peaches, I peeled. The pits and peels all went into my tepache bucket and all the peach slices went into a bowl of water with a little splash of vinegar and went into the fridge, to eat later. Then I peeled and cored the pineapple and put the peels in the bucket and the fruit into a covered bowl in the fridge for later.

Peach peels and pineapple skins/core.

Peach peels and pineapple skins/core.

Recently, someone on a brewing site thread for tepache that I read, mentioned adding some other spices to his tepache, such as white pepper and coriander seed. I decided that peach might marry well with a teaspoon of whole black peppercorns and a pinch of ground allspice. I also threw in the usual stick of cinnamon and 3 whole cloves. I would have added some coriander, but I didn’t have  any. Also, I was short on the piloncillo raw sugar, so I used some brown sugar and some cinnamon flavored maple syrup.

Maple syrup, flavored with a cinnamon stick.

Maple syrup, flavored with a cinnamon stick.

Piloncillo(raw sugar), brown sugar and maple syrup added to fruit peels and spices.

Piloncillo(raw sugar), brown sugar and maple syrup added to fruit peels and spices.


Then it was 8 cups of water, a lid, an airlock and off to ferment! Original recipe said to ferment for 48 hours for this first step. I have learned that I like mine at about 72 hours or slightly longer.


4 thoughts on “Day 136 Peach-Pineapple Tepache

  1. How were the results of this Peachy Pineapple Tepache?

    I’m brewing my second batch, using quite a bit less sugar (6oz per half gallon water, 1 Tbsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp cloves, and core and rinds of one large pineapple). I don’t have a brewing set up, so use a large jar, and then strain into some of RevNat’s bail bottles for a second ferment on the counter for a couple of days. There’s enough sweet and carbonation going on I don’t really need to add anything else. I do add more water and sugar for a second batch on the core and skin with great results, it’s lighter and more crisp than the initial brew. This batch, I’m combining first brew with second to see how they fare. Delicious!

    • jpross888: Thanks for checking out the blog/journal! Honestly, I can’t remember exactly how the batch with peaches added turned out. I think it was okay, but that I wasn’t as super impressed as I thought I would be. Not that there was anything wrong, but I just don’t think it really added much. It sounds like you are having fun with your experiments! The great thing about tepache is that it is so easy, and not extremely fussy about the process. You can go for little to no alcohol, or let it run and ferment out more for a little more kick. Enjoy!

      • I may try doing a second ferment with peaches, when the season is ripe.

        In my current process, which is not in an airtight jar until it has foamed and fermented for several days, and then I strain and put into flip top bottles and sit on the counter for two days (burping twice daily), and then refrigerate, when would the tepache be working towards alcohol? I would love to increase that part of my simple brew.

        Thank you

  2. You would probably need to add the sugar, so there is more fermentable sugars to create alcohol. Of course it depends on the temperature and how fast the fermentation takes place, but I like mine usually after about a week. I’ve never measured the alcohol in the tepache, like I do for my beer…I guess I should sometime, but it’s not supposed to be high alcohol…probably 2 or 3%? I have heard of people doing more sugar and fermenting for a month or more and it winds up very strong, but I haven’t tried doing that. You might want to look at http://www.homebrewtalk.com and read through the tepache thread there…you’ll see some of my comments as well as several other people’s experiences.

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