Day 141 Bottling Cherry Belle Saison

Cherry Belle Saison

Cherry Belle Saison

I made a rookie mistake this morning. I got all set up to bottle a small batch and I started filling the bottles without having added any priming sugar. D’oh! So, I quickly cleaned and sanitized a 2 gallon fermentation bucket, consulted Northern Brewer’s priming sugar calculator and got on with the little task of priming. The calculator recommended 1.33 oz (using corn sugar) for a 1 gallon batch at 78F. I have a history of over-carbing, and this was recommended at 3.2 volumes of CO2 for a saison style, so I went with 1.25 oz. Not a big reduction…nothing to do but wait and see how it turns out.

Oops...started bottling without priming sugar! Put it in reverse!

Oops…started bottling without priming sugar! Put it in reverse!

I added the priming sugar to about 8 oz warm water to dissolve and added it to the bucket. I poured the bottles I had filled onto the sugar mixture and then racked the balance of the beer onto it and mixed it well. I rinsed and sanitized the bottles and started over with the bottling. I was able to fill 11 bottles with just enough left over for a small sip to taste.

Yielded 11 bottles.

Yielded 11 bottles.

The color imparted by the cherries is beautiful…love it! The aroma is definitely cherry and there’s a little alcohol there. As for the flavor, there’s good cherry there. At this point, however, I’m not getting any of the bittering from the Citra hops and no saison character from the yeast. I’m going to give this 2 months to bottle condition though, so I’m hoping some more complexity develops.  I’m second guessing myself now on the decision not to dry hop this little batch. Ah well, relax, it’s just home brew beer, right? At the worst, it will be a fizzy alcoholic cherry drink.

Yesterday, I racked the main batch of Citra Belle Saison to secondary with a dry hop bag containing one ounce of Citra hops pellets. I love the smell of these when you cut open the packet! Wow!

Racking to secondary.

Racking to secondary.



Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to write it up, but everything went smoothly. I decided to take a shot at harvesting a second round of Belle Saison yeast, just to see how it does. I only saved one jar…just play with.

Washing yeast. Decanted yeast to a small jar after it settled.

Washing yeast. Decanted yeast to a small jar after it settled.

The Citra Belle Saison will get about 5 days on the hops before bottling, so may be bottling Saturday.


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