Day 145 More Spent Grain Dog Treats, Ginger Beer Update

Spent Grain Dog Treats and a pile of "crumbles".

Spent Grain Dog Treats and a pile of “crumbles”.

Today, I removed a big bag of spent beer grains from the freezer and put the frozen block on a sheet pan in the oven at 250F. After awhile, I was able to scrape a bunch off of the block…enough to spread out an cover the pan with a good layer. The rest of the block went back in the freezer. I let the grain go for some time, but wasn’t really timing it. It still had some moisture, but it wasn’t very wet.  I let that cool before proceeding with the recipe.

Rather than locating my original recipe, I followed a similar one that I found, but I didn’t check my previous notes…or I would have seen the instructions to wring out excess moisture from the grain through cheesecloth. The recipe was the same otherwise, except for the addition of 1/3 cup honey. Here’s a link to my original post: https://mmmbrews.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/extra-edition-spent-grain-doggie-treats/

The recipe instructions I used today recommended a dough hook attachment to mix the ingredients…it turns out that the batter beater would have done a better job. Even with scraping the sides, there was a little unevenness in the mixing. Because I had baked out a little too much of the grain’s moisture, the “dough” was a little too dry. I pressed it into the pan on top of some parchment paper, scored it and baked at 350F for 45 minutes. It is then supposed to be broken apart and baked another hour or more at 200F until it’s dry. Again, because the grain was fairly dry already, this batch came out done! Unfortunately it’s a bit crumbly…I have a little pile of loose stuff. The honey addition and the crunchiness made it more granola-like…and, yes, I tasted it. A few times. Next time, I need to take the time to read my own notes! I wound up with 1lb 10 oz of treats, not counting the crumbles.

Updating the ginger beer “second runnings”, I’m finally getting some drop in the SG reading. It currently reads 1.039, which gives a current ABV of 3.o4%. It’s still pretty sweet, though, so I’m going to let it go another day or two, cold crash it in the refrigerator and then bottle it. I will probably need to pasteurize it. Anyway…glad to see a substantial movement!

8/23/14  8:00 am Pitched yeast in the muscadine wine this morning.

Rehydrated Montrachet yeast poured into muscadine (future) wine.

Rehydrated Montrachet yeast poured into muscadine (future) wine.

8/23/14  2:00 pm Ginger Beer update: ABV up to 3.68%!

Hard ginger beer sample.

Hard ginger beer sample.


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