Wort Chiller

Staiinless stell wort chiller

Staiinless stell wort chiller

It has taken me this long…like, a year and a half, to get a wort chiller; but I finally have one! Hopefully, no more bags of ice. I’ll need some accessories…hoses for incoming water and discharging water. Eventually, I could get a pump and recirculate, but that’s quite a bit more money…and I think I would have to chill the water after the first pass through, so wouldn’t that mean back to ice again? Time for more research. I may never have the room or the money for a state of the art brewing rig, but this is a nice addition! This one is stainless steel, as opposed to copper. Most agree that differences in temperature conductivity are minimal, and the S/S version is easier to keep clean and doesn’t oxidize over time. Looking forward to the next brew day!


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