SCOBY Hotel: Occupied.

One batch in the fridge, two fermenting and SCOBY Hotel (front, lleft)

One batch in the fridge, two fermenting and a SCOBY Hotel (front, left).

I moved a batch of Kombucha to the refrigerator today. It was in a 1 gallon carboy, with a narrow opening. The SCOBY has become rather substantial, so it is difficult to remove. I wrestled with it a bit and managed to get it into a clean bowl and rinse it off. The was a small, sludgy SCOBY that I disposed of, along with bits and globs. I took a couple of nice healthy pieces and started my new batch. I added the rest of the SCOBY to a quart size canning jar with a little Kombucha and a sprinkle of sugar…viola! SCOBY Hotel! I covered the top with a double layer of coffee filters and screwed on the ring. I’ll refresh the liquid in the hotel every couple of weeks and add or remove SCOBYs as needed. (I have 3 in the hotel currently…I actually started it last week with SCOBY from the 1/2 green tea & 1/2 Earl Grey batch.) The SCOBY Hotel is kept at room temp, indefinitely, with regular refreshing.

I have one other batch in progress since 3/23. I tasted it and it definitely needs more time to ferment…still sweet and no tart. I might need to go ahead and get a third batch into rotation, so that the supply stays steady. The good news is that I have drastically cut down on my soda consumption.


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