Tasting Jackfruit Cider … Finally!

‘Memba me?!

A bottle of jackfruit cider has been in my refrigerator for a few weeks now. I figured it was time to test it out, since I began this project on June 2, 2015! I bottled it on August 23, 2015, so I’m right at one month away from 2 years. Since the final gravity hit 0.99, I knew it would be dry…plus, over 12% ABV.

So, how is it? Well, first positive sign is the burp of carbonation when I pop the cap. The pour is fizzy, but no head. The color is a light golden and beautifully clear.

Jackfruit Cider… almost 2 years later.

I don’t have a great nose, but there isn’t a big aroma. Just inside the mouth is the fizzy tingle…the carbonation really turned out just right. On the swallow, it’s like a dry champagne on the tongue. It’s quickly followed by a flavor I can’t really describe, due to my lack of experience, I’m sure. It’s obviously not grape. Could be mistaken for something like crabapple, but then it has what I can only think to describe as “musty”. If this is what became of the odd “off” flavor I got from jackfruit originally, I’ll take it. Previously, I was kind of put off with jackfruit, because, despite the banana/peach kind of flavors, the other component was like rotting onion (best way I could come up to describe it). After the little musty hit, was a mild bitterness and something vaguely familiar to the original fruit flavors…though still quite dry.

I have to say, the alcohol burn is practically gone. Not harsh, at all! I’m looking forward to getting some opinions from qualified friends. I’m impressed that it isn’t bad. I wonder if anyone will actually say it’s good? Though not an expert, I would say it’s okay. I think it would be better if I had stopped short of completely fermenting it out? Anyway, fresh jackfruit is a pain in the butt to process, but maybe it was worth the experiment!





2 thoughts on “Tasting Jackfruit Cider … Finally!

  1. D. Pruett says:

    Great lil’ blog y’got, here. I’m sorry to see you haven’t posted anything in the last year; I’ve enjoyed browsing it, this afternoon, and appreciate the notes you’ve made. I’m brewing up some ginger-mint soda from a bug I’ve been working on, and your pics definitely helped out in that regard (my bug needs more water, & more space…).

    • Thanks! Unfortunately, I’ve found that, as much as I enjoy experimenting, I just don’t have enough friends and family that drink, anymore. Personally, I have type 2 diabetes, and alcohol has to be kept to a minimum. I just can’t brew 2 cases of beer and find a place to store it all! Smaller endeavours are okay, but I find more people around me will consume my cooking, pickling, fermenting, and canning projects. And even those have slowed…life has just gotten in the way for the last year, year and a half. I still have a 5 gallon carboy of wine from 2016 that needs to be bottled! And the grapes will be ripening again in about 2 weeks! Maybe just a couple gallons.

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