About MMMBrews

True newbie on brewing! I have been more into cooking and canning, but decided to try my hand at brewing to see if my bumper crop of crabapples would make a good sparkling cider. This is my journal of brewing activities. From this, I hope to learn from my own experiences and, eventually, make my posts available as a truly approachable and accessible reference for other beginning brewers. I try to talk the talk and use terms that are appropriate for brewing, but I may not express everything correctly, as I am still learning the lingo!

I am a father of three and an avid cook. I have 10 years of restaurant cooking experience. Not a chef, technically, but I have decent skills! I sold restaurant equipment for another decade and then several years doing other outside sales jobs. Burned out on that and marked time in a customer service/production job for about 4 years. Currently, between loads of laundry and vacuuming, I try to blog about my “foodie” experiences as well as keeping up with my brewing journal.

Any questions, comments or advice are always welcome!

That's me...clean shaved version 50.0

That’s me…clean shaved version 50.0


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