Day 97 Sampling the Costa Kona Mocha Latte Stout

Last night, I decided to try a bottle of the Costa Kona Mocha Latte Stout. It has only been in the bottle for about 2 weeks, but temptation got the better of me! Unfortunately, I am battling Spring allergies and my sense of taste and smell are pretty dull right now. I really should have waited. From what I could tell though, this beer is on the right track.

Costa Kona Mocha Latte Stout...first sample.

Costa Kona Mocha Latte Stout…first sample.

The carb is too aggressive, but I’m hoping that will settle in over time. The aroma is a mystery at this point, but I think it’s good. The flavor…I get decent body and the mocha flavors, but I can’t sense just how good they are…or will be. I think I’ll try another one in about a month, when I’m healthy. I’m hopeful and encouraged, but I realize that neither I, nor the stout, were ready for this test.

I also checked the Pineapple-Mango Mead and didn’t see any airlock action. It is still in primary. It may have a little more to go before secondary…I didn’t stare at the airlock for more than a minute. There could very well be some slow action still going on. I don’t think it will hurt to let it go another week and then do a gravity check.

Tonight, I sampled another of the Plain Jane Blonde Ales and it continues to grow on me. I feel like it is MUCH better than the Strawberry Blonde of the same batch. While the color is a little dark from the DME/strawberry wort boil added the day after brewing to adjust the SG, the flavor is nice and the bittering hop still comes through.

Plain Jane Blonde Ale, in the bottle a month.

Plain Jane Blonde Ale, in the bottle a month.