Day 69 Sampling Big Dark Stout

I bottled Big Dark Stout on 12/20/13 and I know I tried it sometime in the past, but I can’t find my notes at the moment. I do recall that I thought it had a sourness that I did not expect or like. I brewed this beer with grain and malt that was given to me…it was probably two years old but still sealed. I milled the grain (well, I cracked it up in a food processor) and everything looked pretty good. I figured the worst case scenario would be a second tier beer. So, it’s been about 5 weeks in the bottles now and I feel like the fruitiness has passed. I’m not sure how to describe it now…”meh” comes to mind. But it has improved. Decent head, nondescript aroma, good color. With more bottle time, it might make it just past “meh” to “hmmm”. In looking back through my notes, I did find that I used a half a vanilla bean in primary fermentation (this was a half batch of beer)…that might be the fruity flavor that has mellowed. Next time I use vanilla, I will probably either use it in the last 10 minutes of the boil or wait until secondary to add it. I’ll research more and get a consensus of when is best. I believe I was hoping it might help elevate this 2nd tier beer to something a little better than that…and it may yet succeed. Let’s see what another month does for it. By the way, I had also forgotten that this brew was one I had trouble getting a good OG reading on, but my best guess was that the beer was going to be in the 7.75 to 8% ABV range. So…22 ounces later…wee!

Bottling Big Dark Stout...with a little help!

Bottling Big Dark Stout…with a little help!