Day 37 Perking the Airlock

9:30 am  Day 2 on dry stout. Airlock continues to perk constantly. It’s probably a good thing that I’m using a 5 gallon bottling bucket for this fermentation or the krausen would likely be blowing the airlock!

Looking forward to some responsible drinking over the holidays this year! The stout will be a little young, but I may just have to sample one. I think 2014 will be welcomed with a sparkling cider toast!

Just a personal side note: Until recently, if I found a good price on some produce at the farmer’s market or grocery store, my first thought was “Can I make jelly/jam out of this or home can it somehow?”  Now, the question is “Can I ferment this into something alcoholic?”  Actually, both are preservation processes…not so different. Anyway, Trader Joe’s has fresh pineapples on sale…hmmm.