Day 124 Starting Another Batch of Tepache

Tepache ingredients in the fermentation bucket.

Tepache ingredients in the fermentation bucket.

I cut up a pineapple as part of some fruit that I was providing at a family gathering yesterday, so I kept the core and skin for another batch of tepache. Waste not, want not! I picked up the piloncillo Mexican raw sugar this evening and started my batch.

Of course, I sanitized my fermentation bucket. I then added the pineapple skins and core, 20 oz of piloncillo, eight cups of water, a stick of cinnamon, and five whole cloves (increased from the original 3). Let the fermentation begin!


If history is repeated, the fermentation will be evident in about 48 hours and I will allow it to continue to day 5 or 6 before the next step. At that point, it’s straining and adding a little more water. Adding a beer at that point is optional and I have done it in my previous batches. This time, I may skip it,  just to see the difference.